Become a Fairhaven Member and you can get uncapped access to the peace and tranquillity of the gardens. We are open all year, except for Christmas Day and there are no caps on how many times you can visit. We offer our members free or discounted events through the year and staff and regular members build amazing relationships. 

 - Please note, we do not post your membership cards once they have been purchased online. To save costs, we print these on your first visit. If you would like them posted, this will incur a small charge payable over the phone.

 - Once you have your membership card, you will keep this until it ceases to scan. We do this to save on costs and to reduce plastic waste.

 - The easiest way to renew your membership is at the ticket office. You can do this at any time, even after your membership has expired. Just bring your cards and we can renew them in minutes for you.

- You DO NOT need to upload a picture. Please skip this part.  

You can also purchase a discount card. This will get you 10% off of all Tearoom, Grocery shop, Gift shop and plant stock for a year.